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Do you want your kids to remember what they learned last month?  How about last year?  How about in 10 years?  When my homeschooled kids used this hands-on curriculum, they can still talk about what they learned years later.  Sounds too good to be true, but it isn’t.  KONOS did it.

I was looking for a hands-on curriculum for my children, because worksheets were not adequate.  I wanted life-long lovers of learning, not just memorizing of facts.  KONOS provided my children with discovery-learning.  Not only did they receive training topically, but each unit was centered around a character trait.

KONOS is divided into 3 Huge Books.  Each book is designed to be used for 2 years.  Each lesson provides all the information needed to complete the unit.  The lessons offer books that can be used to learn the content.  Then, the favorite part for kids: lots of activities!  You don’t have to complete all the activities, but can choose the ones that work for you and your child’s age.

If you have many kids, KONOS is super!  There are assignments for various ages.  The series is best for ages K-8.  You may be tracking the constellations or dramatizing the lives of frontiersmen, but you’ll be smiling.  KONOS is fun!  And, kids look forward to the concrete lessons.

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The high school version of KONOS is perfect for those kids who learn best with a visual style.  If there are any needs for the mom, KONOS offers many helps.  The KONOS Compass gives a great overview and advice for teaching.  There is also the KONOS Mentor, which provides video strategies for Volumes I, II, and III.

The KONOS Timeline is a huge packet to help kids learn about all the great people throughout history.  The cute timeline characters are bright and colorful.  They can be used to create the timeline on your wall or in a notebook.


KONOS is a budget-friendly and large-family friendly curriculum.  You’ll get most of your books from the library.  Kids are encouraged to be creative in their activities.  It’s always fun to watch them create their costumes from things they can find around the house.

I know this is the time of year that moms are considering curriculum for next fall.  Before you make up your mind, check out KONOS for your family.

Here are some of my family’s favorite Homeschool resources.

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