Big Life Journal Review

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Big Life Journal

Sometimes teaching your child can be difficult.  There are many potential reasons for this, but often it’s the mindset that is off.  The Big Life Journal and Growth Mindset Printables Kit provide homeschool moms with super tools to improve the mindset of their children.

I was thrilled to be offered these tools to review.  I know from my years of homeschooling that these tools can really be the key in helping a child learn to set goals, solve their own problems, and think!

The Big Life Journal is a journal that a child should do with a Buddy.  In homeschool, the buddy is the homeschool mom.  The book is filled with short content, and the child must respond to a few questions or ideas.  These help the child in the process of growth.

The stories may be teaching great character, such as gratefulness or courage.  Many ideas can be found in this big book.  I love that some pages ask the children to write their responses, but some ask the child to draw a picture.  All the responses will be in the book, so that the journal is theirs to keep.

It’s great to have a record of these thought-provoking journal assignments.  You’ll see your child’s mindset grow over the time spent journaling.

Big Life Journal’s writers also have numerous Kits to check out.  I got to download the printables: Growth Mindset Printables Kit 1.  I was very eager to view each downloadable page, because of the vibrant and crisp colored pages.


There are 23 pages included, and each one is different in style.  There are various groups included:

  • Parent’s guide
  • Adorable graphics (and organizers) 
  • Games
  • Drawing
  • Goal planning sheets
  • Bingo
  • Problem-solving plan 
  • Coloring Sheets

I think you’ll want to check this Kit out, and the other great Kits, too.  There’s so much here that you’ll want to use to encourage and motivate your child.  I was super impressed with the quality!

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