Science curriculum is fun to explore.  From early elementary through high school, science covers so many topics.  

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Using hands-on experiments in preschool and finishing up with Chemistry experiments and Physics in high school, all the topics covered under science include a very long list.  Look at the list assembled here under the headings: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Earth Science.  Wow!!!  

Deciding what to teach can be achieved in many ways.  You can follow a traditional scope & sequence and use a traditional or unit study approach.  Using a scope&sequence prepares your child for testing, college, and provides a good foundation.   All students need a good foundation in science. 

In our early years, we used A Bekascience curriculum.  We also supplemented the books, because they were very short and basic.  There are numerous fun and interesting ways to experience science.  From the nature studies in CharlotteMason, children can learn in many hands-on studies.  All unit studies teach concepts and terms that students should know.  Many free lessons can be found in the library or online. 

Just google the topic you would like to explore with the words lesson plan and the grade level.  You will discover everything that you need, and a lot more! 

There are many good elementary science books from Apologia that kids will enjoy exploring.  My daughter thrived with Apologia.  She began the Biology book and loved it.  She completed the course by herself and excelled.  She loved biology so much, that she is now in the medical field and hopes to earn her degree in Occupational Therapy. 

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My third child is very literal, and Apologia’s writing style left him confused.  He did better with a traditional text.  Just give him the facts!  We discovered the DIVE science DVD’s and they were the perfect compliment to a traditional textbook.  

He’s done well studying Biology, Earth Science, and Chemistry.  He’ll take Physics this year using Saxon Physics with the DIVE Physics DVDs.  

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