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Are you concerned with the task of creating a high school transcript?  Don’t worry, there are numerous helps available.  Many of them are free.  

Donna Young offers samples that you can use as a template.  She also has tons of other free templates and information to help you to organize, plan, and keep homeschool records.

 HSLDA has a terrific amount of information regarding transcripts, also.  They also have links to each state and the information you will need to homeschool where you live. 

You can spend hours (or days) checking all the information they have to offer. When I homeschooled my first child, I used a professional educator to design his transcripts.  I was a little nervous about the college admission process.  There wasn’t a need to do it that way, but there certainly are people who can help you.  

Some services, like the one I used, was a private Christian school.  It was a sort of umbrella school, and the diploma and transcripts were published by this umbrella school.  It appeared very professional.  But, now I feel confident enough to do the transcript by myself.

 There are many good books and websites that offer everything that you need to know.  I’m not recommending them.  But, feel free to check them out! 

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