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Organization is not my strength, but something had to be done!  Because of Chronic Illness, my home has become a very messy and unorganized place.  When you are just trying to survive, there is honestly no time or energy for organizing tasks.

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But, this doesn’t mean I don’t have a plan.  Clutter and messes make it hard to relax and enjoy my home.  So, when I have a few minutes of feeling decent, I try to work at organizing my home.  My closet organization project was completed in early July.

I finally started to tackle my dresser and jewelry drawer this past week.  My dresser top had become a place to drop junk.  It was covered and piled-up with all kinds of stuff that didn’t belong there.

Dresser - Before
Drawer Before

Inside the jewelry drawer you can see the nightmare.  Even though I had all the divided organizing containers, they weren’t enough.  I had a tangled mess to contend with, and spent quite a while untangling necklaces.

Many people like to hang up their necklaces on the wall.  I really don’t like this look.  Since I don’t wear most of these necklaces often, I wanted to have a system that worked with my wearing schedule.

I decided to use ziploc-bags.  I have already had success with ziploc-bags when I pack jewelry for trips.  It’s easy to place one necklace or bracelet in a small ziploc-bag to keep them from becoming tangled.  

I separated all the jewelry and placed necklaces and bracelets in separate locations in the drawer.  I found numerous single-earrings and junk that could be thrown away.  After everything was cleaned-out and organized, I placed it all in the drawer.  Now, the drawer was organized for me.  And, when I get ready for a trip, I just grab the appropriate bags and am ready to go!

Drawer After
Dresser After

Cleaning the top of the dresser took many days of cleaning.  There was so much that needed to find a home and papers that needed filing.  I did short spurts of work here…..five or ten minutes at a time.  With my dizziness, cleaning up this dresser was exhausting.  I finally completed the work!

The bedroom is still a work in progress, and each corner of the room still leaves much to be desired.  I’ll share more as I can.  Chronic Illness has taken away my ability to work in the way I’m accustomed to.  A deep cleaning/organizing shouldn’t take this much time, but with my illnesses, I’m thrilled to accomplish anything!

If you have chronic illness or just don’t have the time to clean, don’t give up.  Just take your work in short spurts.  Doing 5 minutes here and there is better than 0 minutes.  Over time, you’ll be able to get your house in order and you’ll feel better.

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