Attitude Adjustment

Well, the school year is in full swing.  Homeschoolers are busy, busy, busy.  The schedules and routines are posted and the books are all purchased.  So, what’s with the chaos?


Sometimes things look great on paper, but the reality can be something quite different.  After a month or so of homeschool, the true picture has come into focus.  Moms may be saying, “What have I done?”

Children can easily become obstinate or just sulky.  They want to go to “real” school or just play video games all day.  In short, the attitudes can really stink!  Where on earth did this come from?

Attitude Adjustment

One thing I learned during my first homeschool year was this: My kids are around me all day.  Do I really want them to act like me?  They can see through any facade, and they need a mom/teacher who is worthy to be followed.

Boy, that was certainly a slap-in-the-face to me as a young mom.  I thought I just had to teach these kids reading, writing, and arithmetic.  Unfortunately, there is so much more to homeschooling (or mothering in general).  Our actions are emulated, but so are our attitudes.


Attitude adjustments are needed very often in our children.  They’re also needed in us.  Moms get little sleep, little help, and lots of intense situations that can lead us to frustration.  After days of frustration, it’s easy to have a bad attitude.

Homeschool moms get so busy teaching, cleaning, scheduling, and training, they can easily lose sight of their original homeschool vision.  We need to often adjust our attitudes.  We need to adjust our expectations.  We may even need to adjust our goals.


Often, we are too perfectionistic and feel like a failure if we don’t have the home or homeschool that we imagine others have. It’s better to not compare ourselves with others.  God gave us the children He wanted us to train.  We can accomplish His plan, with His help.

So, instead of yelling at the kids or threatening to send them to catch the bus, stop and breathe.  Evaluate your attitude.  Have you been rushing them, too intense, impatient?  Stop, pray and start over.


Your attitude adjustment will set the tone in your home and be a calming influence on the children.  Then, you’ll be better able to help them as they need to learn to have good attitudes. 

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Mom Time

Charlotte Mason called it “Mother Culture”.  Moms need time to breathe, to recoup, to rejuvenate.

Often, moms have only a few minutes here or there to claim for their own.  Those small breaks can really bring you back to sanity.  Mom Time can help you get your perspective back to where you want and need it to be.

Here are some ideas:

  • Take a walk
  • Enjoy a hot bath
  • Listen to music that calms you
  • Sit outdoors and listen to nature
  • Play a musical instrument
  • Read a book
  • Pray
  • Exercise
  • Sleep
  • Play a game
  • Chat with a friend
  • Cuddle
  • Color
  • Gaze at the stars
  • Laugh at a funny book or movie
  • Play with your pet
  • Sing

I’m sure you can think of many more things that enable you to relax and re-focus.  Margin is so important.  Pick one and enjoy anticipating a little time for yourself.

@2017, copyright Lisa Ehrman

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How To Find The Perfect Family Car

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Buying a car is very important.  But, when you are a parent, your car-buying priorities change.  Safety becomes more of an issue when you’re strapping your new infant in to the car and planning to drive around town or on a trip.

Family Car

Parents will want to learn all they can to make sure that the car they purchase has the best safety ratings.  There are many ways to research safety ratings, and this can take a huge amount of time.  Most parents want to see which cars will be best for car seats, too.


This week is National Car Seat Safety Week and it’s the perfect time to investigate all things related to car seat safety.  You’ll want to know if you have the best car seat, if it’s installed correctly, and which cars are best suited for car seats.

With, you can find out which cars are best rated for car seat use and safety. has three certified child passenger safety technicians to rate the best cars for car seats.  During National Car Seat Safety Week, you can also have your car seat checked.  This link lets you find the closest place to have your installation checked.

I love that does all the research for car seat safety and ease.  They’ve rated the top 10 vehicles for car seats and give a great description for each.  You can use their research to find the best option for your family.  If you like one of these options, you can click on the link to find one of those very vehicles for your family.

No matter what you want to learn about cars, has the answers!  This huge resource helps you whether you want to buy or sell.  They have the latest news and reviews about all types of cars.  You can even find information about car repairs and how to do some of these yourself.  Videos are available for all things car-related.


Get your App and you’ll be able to access millions of listings, find out about price drops and even scan vin numbers.  You’ll be able to place your car for sale on, by making your own custom ad.  They lead you every step of the way when you want to buy or sell a car.

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Keep On Dunking With Dunky Cup

Disclosure: I received 2 Dunky Cups to review.  There was no compensation for this review and all opinions are 100% my own.

Kids of all ages love to dunk!  How many times have you and your children been caught dunking your cookies in milk?  It’s such a fun and delicious way to enjoy cookies.

If you want to make dunking even more of a treat, just check out the amazing Dunky Cup!  It is a cup sure to make you smile.  You’ll wonder why you never thought of this yourself.

The Dunky Cup is a true innovation in cookie eating.  These adorable cups have a center compartment to hold your milk and three outer compartments to hold your cookies.  Sandwich cookies fit perfectly, but other cookies work just as well.

These wonderful cups will be filling up many birthday baskets.  They’re going to be stuffed in many Christmas stockings, too.  Aren’t they a wonderful find?  I know you and your family will love them.

The heavy-duty cups are made to go in the dishwasher and microwave.  So, your kids can enjoy their snack and then you can quickly place them in the dishwasher for the next snacktime.  You could warm a yummy dip in the center cup in the microwave to enjoy some tasty pretzels, too.

Let your imagination soar!  How about adding carrot sticks or celery sticks and ranch dip in the center of the cup?  Yum!  I’m going to use this at our next football tailgate.

I’ve had a blast trying out the Dunky Cup.  Dunky Cup sent me two of these new Cups to try at home. I’m so glad that they did.  Now, I can recommend these cups to all my friends.

The cups hold 8 oz of milk, coffee or tea.  The FDA approved plastic cup is also BPA free, so no worries.  The cute Dunky Cup comes in this cute blue box and includes 4 Oreo Cookies for your dipping pleasure.  You can also order the box in a Red Color, which will be fun at Christmas or Valentine’s Day.

I hope you like the Dunky Cup as much as we do.  Keep on Dunking!

@2017, copyright Lisa Ehrman

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Why Young Children Shouldn’t Learn Online

Learning online and with computers has become very popular in the last decade.  Learning via computer is everywhere and programs are available from tiny tots to all the way through the doctoral level.  As a homeschool mom, you’ll be encouraged to sign up and have your children learn in this way.

Learn Online

We know that children find tablets and computers fascinating and are instantly drawn to the screens.   The exciting and entertaining learning programs are being offered to you at cheaper prices than ever before.  But, is this the way you want to educate your children?

Studies have shown that we learn as well online as we do in traditional settings.  These studies can prove their claims with all types of test results.  Cheap and even free education can be found online. But, there are reasons to review the computer-learning option.

When babies are born they have the most neurons and they are needed to develop their minds.  As the child grows, connections must be made.  Research shows that human interaction causes strong connections to be made, that will last over the lifetime.  Seldom-used connections are lost, but the strong ones are strengthened in order to develop higher-level thinking/processing.

Interacting with language activity helps the child’s brain to develop and be ready for more complex concepts.

Interacting with computers at too young of an age can cause problems with brain development.  At a young age, a child’s brain develops attention ability.  Computer use can cause over-stimulation and children may not develop the ability to use their brain to focus attention on just one thing.  Using a computer, the computer takes the child on a narrow focus where the computer controls what they give attention to.

Computer screens cause an emotional reaction to images and a dopamine release can enable a computer “addiction”.  The child then desires this type of stimulation/adrenalin when learning.  Their brains could become lazy about complex thoughts and problem solving.

And, we have the usual objections to screen use: Too much screen time leads to health concerns, such as: eyestrain, obesity, and repetitive injuries.  No one thinks screens should be used to babysit, but we should also rethink the educational use of computers with children.

Children need to experience hands-on learning, nature, physical activity and interactions of many kinds.  One important point, established by the Alliance for Childhood states:

 A refocusing in education, at home and school, on the essentials of a healthy childhood: strong bonds with caring adults; time for spontaneous, creative play; a curriculum rich in music and the other arts; reading books aloud; storytelling and poetry; rhythm and movement; cooking, building things, and other handcrafts; and gardening and other hands-on experiences of nature and the physical world. (Alliance for Childhood, 2000). 

Wired Kids: How Screen Time Affects Children’s Brains, Crawford

The Impact of Computer Use on Children’s Neurological Development 

@2017, copyright Lisa Ehrman

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Children’s Activity Books

Disclosure: I was given 3 books to review.  No other compensation was received.  All opinions are 100% my own.  Affiliate links included.

Woo Jr

There’s no better way to keep kids busy than to let them color.  Drawing and coloring are such great, quiet activities.  Kids can entertain themselves for hours while sitting still.  Coloring and drawing can even be done during events where you want to keep your children occupied and quiet, like: church, receptions, dining out, and more!

These three books that I was sent to review are a wonderful addition to anyone’s collection of activity books for kids.  The Drawing Book for Kids takes kids on a step-by-step journey in learning to draw.  The 365 pages contain just about everything a child would want to draw.  Cars, airplanes, balloons, animals, robots, and butterflies are just a few of the choices.  After the children draw, they can then color their drawing with crayons, colored pencils, magic markers or paints.

Child Crayons

The Halloween Activity Book for Kids provides kids with so many fun activities that relate to Halloween.  The comic-style pictures aren’t very scary, but fun Halloween pages to spend hours enjoying.  There are: Crossword puzzles, coloring pages, mazes, dot-to-dots, hidden pictures, word searches, picture matches and paper coloring masks.

The Christmas Activity Book for Kids is similar to the Halloween book, but all the fun is centered around Christmas!  You can enjoy: Crossword puzzles, coloring pages, mazes, dot-to-dots, hidden pictures, word searches, picture matching, masks, gift tags and more!  What a creative way to celebrate the magic of Christmas by spending time with these activities!

Woo Jr

Woo Jr! 

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