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How would like to plan a trip to a 5-Star Luxury Resort in Mexico for 2021? Doesn’t that sound like a wonderful vacation? If you are in the mood to escape and relax in a beautiful resort, you’ll want to check out the deal here.

Palm Trees

How does this work? You purchase a certificate from us which will be sent digitally to you within 48 hours of purchase. The certificate you receive will have instructions and a code to register with the American Express Privileges team. You have 90 days to register your certificate, and then up to 12 months to book your location and travel. 

The value of a 7 night stay at a Luxury Resort is between $5,000 – $7,000 depending on which hotel you select. The partnership with American Express lets the resorts use their marketing dollars to cover the cost to get you to experience the resort.  They hope that you love it and choose to come back again and tell all your friends. We also have a limited amount of certificates available and when we are out we are out! 

How does the Gathr Travel community work? 

In the future, membership in the Gathr Travel Community will be open to subscribers only. In the coming year, and in the future, we will only offer our discounts to our closed group of members. The good news for YOU is that membership is free upon securing your first voucher AND you will have free life-time access to this group. Membership benefits allow you to purchase one package per year to Mexico and access our other partnerships as they become available.

This special limited-time-only offer can be yours for $595. This purchase covers 7 nights in a luxury resort.

Travel anytime in 2021 to a 5-Star LUXURY RESORT in MEXICO for up to 90% OFF with my PROMO CODE: THE FRUGAL GRANDMOM

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  1. WOW!! I read this and I immediately wanted to go to Mexico!! Then I remember that we are in this COVID thing and I am getting all claustrophobic thinking about not being able to go anywhere 😩 This is really a bargain!! Is this part of a timeshare? Thank you for sharing!


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