Printable Cards for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a day filled with traditions. We are so eager to give our moms something that will show them how much we care. Young children love to create their own cards for Mother’s Day. These memorable cards are saved by mom’s everywhere, because they cherish these creations produced with love.

The rest of us usually purchase cards at the store. There are fabulous cards available and the costs are high. It’s not unusual to pay 5-6-or 7 dollars for a pretty Mother’s Day card. This is fine, but that’s really pricy. I’ve created some beautiful Spring notecards that can be used for Mother’s Day, birthdays, or perfect thank-you notes.

Spring Note Cards Collage

These lovely cards can be printed on your home printer. If you use white cardstock, they will look very nice. Another tool that will make your cards look professionally designed is to use a Paper Trimmer. I’ve used one like this for at least a decade and it makes clean cuts. You may have one of these at home, too.

My cards are printed on regular size paper (8.5 x 11). There are 2 cards per page. After printing, you just cut the paper in half to get the two cards. Then they are folded to place in these Envelopes.

Also, in the Shop you’ll find my new Mother’s Day Printables. This 10-count set of printables will look beautiful when printed on cardstock. Mom’s will love them and you could even frame one to give as a gift. With my Pay What You Want pricing, you don’t have to pay much at all.

Mother's Day Prints

I hope that you enjoy these two new items in my store. Check out all of them. With Pay What You Want Pricing, the minimum price is extremely low. I just want these digital items to be used by those who can benefit from them.

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