Reading Adventures on the Ranch

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If you’re like me, you want your children to read good books and enjoy reading all through their lives. Reading begins at home and at a very young age. Reading to babies with cloth books and then reading to toddlers with board books make for good beginnings. Making books an important part of life was always one of my top priorities as a mom.

Children love to be read to. They love to sit close to their parent or grandparent and listen to the words of a new or favorite book. Children also love listening to other people read books. With technology, we’ve gone from listening to books on cassette to having digital books. There are now Youtube channels for children to hear books read to them.

Under the Barnyard Light

I recently reviewed a wonderful book for children. Under The Barnyard Light is a delightful book with gorgeous illustrations that children will get lost in. It’s a wonderful story with family warmth and charm. It’s a book that I look forward to reading to my grandchild when they’re a little bit older.

The author of this book is Carla Crane Osborne. Carla won the Silver Award for the 3rd Annual IBPA Benjamin Franklin Award for the Children’s Book category.  Now she has authored a new series, Go Gona Go!, which will be released to read this fall.

The author has also created a Youtube channel where children can hear and read along with her as she reads good children’s literature, as well as her own books. Carla is filming at her ranch and wants children to feel like they’re enjoying a farm experience. This is a wonderful idea and opportunity for you and your children to join in the fun.

I hope you’ll check out her website and Youtube channel to listen in while she reads at Gona’s Reading Ranch. I’m sure your children will love it!

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  1. I have always loved reading and it’s so fun to watch my kids enjoy books now. These books sound really good, I will definitely have to add them to our library. Thanks for sharing!

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