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Our 5-star products include Gifts for Girls ages 4 to 14, Body Exfoliating Products, and Wooden Wine Glass Racks that are made in the USA.

SmitCo is proud of their 5-star quality products. They make sure to have proper safety certification and have reasonably priced products for your family. They are well-known for their great gifts for girls. I gave my niece one of the journals as a gift and she loved it. This journal with the Emoji’s would also be a favorite of lots of young girls. The journal set has everything included: LED Book light, Secret Message Pen, Stickers, Paper clips, and Journal.


You can find our products on either of the links below:

SmitCo offers this Clay Set as another wonderful gift for children. This set has a handy carrying box and utensils to make modeling fun. Boys and girls can spend hours of creative play with this set. You’ll find many great products at SmitCo, including exfoliating gloves and even wine glasses rack. Check out their website to see all the items.

Clay set

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