Send Love To Your Grandchildren With Gramma In A Box

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As a grandmother who has grandchildren far away, I’m always sending them little gifts. I love to send books and clothes. My grandchildren also love toys, don’t yours? Then I heard about Gramma In A Box and was so excited to see what it’s all about!

Gramma In A Box is a subscription box for grandparents to send to their grandkids. Each month a box can be shipped to your grandchild or grandchildren. The box will have cookies and things to decorate them with. They will open the box to find up to 20 cookies, candy treats, sprinkles, frosting, and more. Direction cards are included with great ideas for children to use, if they like.

Gramma in a Box Cookies

One box can be purchased separately. Subscriptions can be 3-Month, 6-Month, and Yearly intervals. Wouldn’t your child love to open a box that reminds them that Gramma loves them? There are fun and festive boxes for special holidays. I got to try the October box, which is filled with Halloween shaped cookies and colors/sprinkles that match.

Everything in the subscription box is adorable, but a few of the cookies tasted a little stale. The others were flaky and crunchy on the outside. Children will gobble them up!

Children will love decorating cookies and making candy together. These boxes could make great gifts for birthdays or Christmas. Try a box and see what you think!

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  1. This is such a great idea! I think every kid would love to receive this box! The themes and decorations are so fun and I love that it includes everything you need with instructions/ideas.


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