Step Up Your Health Routine with Dental Probiotics

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Most of you have probably heard about how the oral microbiome directly affects bad breath….but I was surprised to learn about probiotics.

Smile Brilliant has a newly launched innovative new product in the world of adult and pediatric dental care – Dental Probiotics. They have many other high end dental whitening products too. I’m so happy that they allowed me to sample this Dental Probiotic and see the benefits. I have many dental issues, because I have Sjogren’s Syndrome which causes dry mouth and more cavities. Dental Probiotic use can provide the following benefits:

  • Easier dental visits – healthier teeth & gums require less dental care
  • First-line defense & immune support during the upcoming cold & flu season
  • A healthy microbiome which does not produce the gases we associate with bad breath
  • Fewer ear infections for the kids
  • Easy way to support your existing health routine – we know that improved oral health is linked to better overall health
  • Improved gum health
  • Yearly or seasonal sinus infections caused by allergies or weather changes
  • This is an affordable supplement that can fortify long-term oral health beyond (or even without) proper dental care
  • Fewer cavities

Dental Probiotics & Microbiome Rejuvenation Therapy

Smile Brilliant’s line of cariPRO oral care products are custom-formulated with the latest science and clinical research to support the oral microbiome. The mission is to improve oral care through real science and innovation.
In addition to offering preventive solutions that maintain health, they are now looking for ways to proactively improve oral health.

Like other medical probiotics, such as those for the stomach or skin, oral probiotics shift the balance of the existing bacterial composition (microbiome) toward an increased population of “good bacteria”, improving the overall health & fortitude of the area. This is the process of “Microbiome Rejuvenation Therapy”. I love that the Probiotics for bad breath are so easy to take.

This proliferation of good bacteria supports dental health in many ways: studies have shown that they reduce plaque, cavities, gum inflammation & the causes of bad breath compared to simply brushing & flossing normally. Oral probiotics also promote microbiome rejuvenation in the surrounding areas (ear, nose & throat) to reduce incidences of ear & sinus infections in particular. I think this can really help with providing flu immune support and even covid immune support.

What is a dental probiotic?

It’s a chewable tablet containing concentrated amounts of healthy bacteria that can be taken once daily (after brushing, before bed) to support oral and sinus health. For More Information on the entire line up of Dental Health products please visit Smile Brilliant. Use Code ChronicallyContent20 at checkout to save 20%!

Dental probiotics work just like other probiotics by repopulating your mouth with healthy bacteria, displacing the bad bacteria & precluding it from growing back. Helping my immune system is easy.

cariPRO Dental Probiotics

When I first found the cariPRO product I was surprised how little I knew about this topic. I found 5 Facts About Oral Probiotics that helped me to understand. After 2020, I wanted to take better care of myself this year. I had no idea how easy it would be to support my immune system with one simple tablet.

When we work so hard for a healthy mouth and beautiful teeth, adding a Dental Probiotic makes great sense and I’m glad to add this product to my oral health routine.

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Lisa Ehrman
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About Lisa Ehrman

Lisa has been blogging since 2013, and loves sharing resources and ideas for living a simple life. To get free printables, bonus words, and more - sign up for the newsletter.
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2 Responses to Step Up Your Health Routine with Dental Probiotics

  1. Sarh S says:

    I have terrible teeth due to some genetic enamel issue. I wish there was something like this about 15 yrs ago to maybe have helped a little to prevent such bad decay of my teeth despite brushing twice a day.

  2. Lauryn R says:

    Very interesting, I had no idea that there were dental probiotics! I will definitely look into getting some now, thanks for sharing!

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