Surprising Ways to Encourage your Kids to Eat Healthy

If you want your kids to eat well then you may be tempted to eliminate junk food while sneaking

vegetables into their diet. Although changes like this aren’t necessarily bad to make, you have to

remember that they are just not sustainable for the family. That being said, there are numerous ways to

work around this, if you know what steps you need to take.

Serve Lunch for Breakfast

Leftover chicken and rice for breakfast isn’t a bad thing, neither is having pancakes for dinner. As long

as they had a balanced meal the night before, there is nothing wrong with you serving it again. If your

kids absolutely love pizza then you can actually serve them this for breakfast. Simply get a pitta, and fill

it with some tomato sauce, cheese, ham and pineapple.  You can also make fruity pizzas by getting a

toasted muffin and adding some cream cheese, sliced banana and grapes. Little things like this are ideal

if you want to help your child to eat as much fruit as possible and you would be surprised at how much

it could help them to expand their horizons when it comes to healthy eating.

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Say Yes to Junk Food

You don’t have to say no to junk food. A lot of parents feel as though they have failed when their kids

eat junk food but the harsh reality is that chocolate is tasty and chips are great in a sandwich. As an

adult, you cannot eat well all the time and you can’t expect your kids to either. If you want to work

around this then make sure that you are always offering healthy choices but do not beat yourself up if

they indulge from time to time. If you want to ease your conscience about this then one thing you can

do is offer treats that have a high nutritional value. It could be that you give them chocolate milk as an

example. This way, they are still getting a lot of calcium but you don’t have to worry about their sugar

intake as much. Making sure that your kids have some good snacks is also a good way for you to curb

unhealthy eating so be mindful of that if you can. You can find some great baby snacks online if you

need some ideas.

Get the Kids Involved

If your kids can help to make it then they will be much more likely to eat it. If you want to encourage

healthy eating then simply work with them and make sure that you show them how exciting cooking

can be. Fajitas that they can build themselves are great and so are salad bars. Pizza and fruit parfaits

are great for dessert too so make sure that you look into doing this for them. Simple changes like this

can help you to get your kids involved and you would be surprised at how much it could help them to be

excited about whatever it is you are trying to do with them.

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  1. These are fantastic tips, thank you so much for sharing! It really helps a lot to get the kids involved, mine definitely are more likely to eat something that they helped make. I have never thought about breakfast pizza though, what a great idea!

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