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Six Things To Do If Your Partner Is Bad With Money

The most common cause of arguments in couples is money. Money can become a sore spot for couples if it is not adequately discussed. When two individuals come together, so do their finances, and with that comes all the good … Continue reading

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How To Save Money Around the House

Many people would like to see their monthly expenses reduced, and doing so can begin right at home. Here are some easy steps that can be taken right away to see positive results. What’s holding you back? It’s time to … Continue reading

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How To Keep Your Children And Their Stuff Safe At School

Disclosure: Affiliate link included in this sponsored post. All opinions are 100% my own. Full disclosure here. School has started and children and teens everywhere are busy catching a bus or riding with a parent to school every morning. As … Continue reading

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10 Super Time-Saving Hacks

Save time and your sanity with these 10 Super Time-Saving Hacks. Continue reading

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7 Reasons To Love Downsizing

Moving to a much smaller home has been a rewarding experience that has resulted in a more peaceful life. It really is a journey or a process to begin downsizing. For me, it took time, even with careful planning. We … Continue reading

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Things I Learned From My Grandmother

A few years back, it was all the rage to multi-task your way through life.  We talked about all the things that we could do at once.  It was believed that this was the way to get more done in … Continue reading

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