The 3 Essential Insights No One Tells You When Leading A Business

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When aiming to launch your own business, it’s interesting to hear the perspectives and encouragement of those around you. Often, this is volunteered to you without your asking, but of course, the intent means well. That said, business leadership and the idea of “being a leader” has become something of a product to sell. After all, who doesn’t want to view themselves as someone in charge, someone cool, calm, collected, with many people looking to them for authority and being given countless insights for it?

Now, we’re not for a second going to suggest you are incapable of this, in fact you probably have more leadership potential than you’re aware of – especially if you have the courage to launch your own enterprise. However, it’s good to move past the platitudes and feel good quotes to consider something a little more tangible, necessary, and important. In this post, we’ll the three essential insights no one tells you when leading a business:

You Will Often Have To Defer To Those You Lead

No manager or leader can know absolutely everything about everyone and all of the technical capabilities in those they hire. A good, competent leader listens as much as they talk, and will always defer to those who have special insight or experiential knowledge worth understanding. Asking how to do something, what your team thinks of a situation, or what pitfalls to avoid doesn’t make you weak, thinking you have all of the answers does. As they say, a stupid question now can prevent a stupid thing from happening later, and it can be motivating to see your boss care for your opinion and then use it to inform their practice – provided they exercise their best judgement in line with that, of course.

You’re Only As Good As The Systems That Help You

No matter how good a pilot is, they can’t fly anywhere safely unless the aeroplane or helicopter they pilot has been worked on by a team of engineers, ensuring the correct safety procedures and pre-flight checks have been undertaken. The same goes for a business leader. Without careful logistics and fulfilment by companies such as 3PL Bridge, capable cybersecurity with managed IT services, and in some cases outsourced customer service for the handling of necessary customer issues, a leader cannot ‘lead with might’ out of a poorly structured system. So, this is where part of your attention should be.

A Good Leader Is Rarely A Best Friend

If you have an open and welcoming personality, that’s wonderful. But it’s also true that vying to be close friends with everyone you lead simply isn’t possible, can erode respect for you, and in some cases may lead you to never apply discipline when it’s absolutely required in the correct corporate context. As such, the best leaders tend to maintain friendly, respectful, and supportive relations with those they’re in charge of, but they never seek to outright win their approval on the daily outside of performance metrics. Instead, they seek to lead properly and make sure the staff they’re responsible for feel that they can trust their careers, professional development, and workplace safety in your hands

With this advice, you’ll be certain to avoid the platitudes of leadership and instead focus on the future with practical insights to guide you.

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