Twitter is Closed

Lisa Ehrman

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  1. Erica Ardali says:

    I have a tumblr on standby. I haven’t started using it but I figured why not.

  2. Bea LaRocca says:

    Sorry to hear about this, I live on Twitter mostly because of rafflecopter giveaways but I also love to retweet landscape and wildlife photos. I am unclear about what is happening behind the scenes with Twitter but if they are going to start charging people I am definitely out

  3. Jenn says:

    I have similar feelings! Bye Twitter!

  4. wendy hutton says:

    aw wondered why it was saying account does not exist

  5. Sandra Watts says:

    Hate Twitter anyway.

  6. Tara Enright says:

    Wow I had no idea about this. Where did you hear about this? You mind sharing the link. Thanks

  7. Sarah L says:

    I’m staying on Twitter for now. I did just sign up for Tribal.

  8. Deb Pelletier says:

    It’s sad to hear about Twitter. 🙁

  9. Cindy B says:

    From what I’ve read they will only charge if you want the verification check mark next to your name and it’s $8.00. It’s been proven that twitter has been censoring tweets. Mr. Musk has stated that he will not allow that. The managers that were seen “walking out” were actually being escorted out after being fired.

  10. Adriane says:

    Twitter has been nuts. I’m hanging in for a while to see what happens, but likely won’t be there long either

  11. Debbie P says:

    I don’t blame you one bit.

  12. Jodi Hunter says:

    Yep, it is indeed a mess.

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