Twitter is Closed

My Twitter account is closed. I closed it myself. With the new owner charging people, I started to follow the news about Twitter. Yesterday when all the security ceo’s and security heads walked out, I was worried. Musk has connections and owes money for buying Twitter to countries who don’t wish the best for the US.


I also don’t want those countries getting ahold of my information, nor do I want someone like Musk using my information. There seems to be no good end for this social machine. So after years of working to get 21000 followers, I have given it all up.

I am still available at all the other social media accounts and they are on the sidebar. If anything new happens with my social media, I’ll let you know as soon as I can. I’ve been 1000 miles away from home and when traveling, I couldn’t always get to my computer. Just ignore any references to my Twitter account. I will try to omit any giveaway twitter requirements.

I have joined Tribel. If you are on this free social media, look me up and lets be friends! Thank you!

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14 thoughts on “Twitter is Closed”

  1. Sorry to hear about this, I live on Twitter mostly because of rafflecopter giveaways but I also love to retweet landscape and wildlife photos. I am unclear about what is happening behind the scenes with Twitter but if they are going to start charging people I am definitely out

  2. From what I’ve read they will only charge if you want the verification check mark next to your name and it’s $8.00. It’s been proven that twitter has been censoring tweets. Mr. Musk has stated that he will not allow that. The managers that were seen “walking out” were actually being escorted out after being fired.


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