Well-Rested Little Ones

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Every parent knows that lack of sleep is inevitable when it comes to little ones. It’s part of the job but can really take its toll. And, if you add in lack of sleep for your baby, things can really get messy. Babies, especially newborns, need their sleep to grow and develop.

Thankfully, there is a company called Nested Bean that understands the importance of sleep on both parts and is helping parents and babies everywhere enjoy a more restful night. How? With their amazing sleepwear!

Founded by a mom who was in desperate need of sleep herself, Nested Bean.

With a wide selection of products today, parents can find exactly what works for their little one. Perfect for ages 0-6 months, the gently weighted Zen Swaddle mimics your touch on baby’s chest and sides, leaving your little one feeling comforted and secure, like your embrace. But, if your baby prefers not to be traditionally swaddled, the versatile Zen One™ swaddle is a great alternative featuring a secure band to keep baby’s arms down or wraps around the belly for arms-free sleeping. Then, there’s the Zen Sack Classic, also weighted, which can be worn backwards by tummy sleepers who can roll independently.

To help you understand just how well this sleepwear works and what Nested Bean offers, take a look at some of their customer reviews.

Head over to Nested Bean today to read more reviews and to learn more about all their sleepwear, then enjoy a little more of that glorious sleep you’ve been missing!

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  1. Nested Bean has really cute sleepwear that really does work wonders! I didn’t discover them until my third baby, unfortunately. But my daughter slept so good when in a Nested Bean sack. I would definitely recommend them as well!


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