Why We Decided To Homeschool

We all probably have many different reasons for making the decision to homeschool our children.  I am a Christian, and wanting to give my children an education from a Biblical perspective is certainly one reason to make this choice.

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 My husband and I began our homeschool journey 22 years ago.  Our primary reason for this was because our first child experienced bullying.  Even in kindergarten, a child can feel bullied.  

Although I had a degree in music education, I certainly didn’t feel ready to take on the job of teacher for my son.  We chose ABeka curriculum because it was easy for me to follow, as a teacher.  

I loved having all the lesson plans ready to use and everything was scheduled and organized.  This curriculum fit my learning style and I felt very comfortable using it.

  Thankfully, my oldest child learned easily and seemed content to fill out worksheets all day long.  When I started homeschooling, there wasn’t an internet for me to access.  There were books to read and conventions to attend.  

I think I read every book available at the time and learned all I could.  I also attended some state conventions.  It was great to browse through all the offerings in the convention center.  Vendors were everywhere, and it was so tempting and exciting!  I was a real curriculum junky.

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My second child was a perfect example of ADHD.  I soon learned that traditional style books and learning weren’t going to work for her.  We found the KONOS curriculum and it was a great fit for her.  She enjoyed all the hands-on learning and excelled in this program.  

Our third child was very smart and learned easily.  He has used an eclectic mix of curriculum.  He’s a great student. During the 22 years, we took a few breaks.  My daughter actually finished her last three years in a Christian school and loved it.  My sons had a year or two in school, also.  

Homeschooling that long caused the teacher to burn out from all the work and stress.  We came back to it, though.  God has helped us and has provided hubby a good job to provide for our needs. 

What was your reason for homeschooling?  Whatever it was, I hope and pray that God blesses you and your family as you attempt this wonderful lifestyle.  
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