10 Free Hobbies

Free Hobbies

Do people even have hobbies anymore?  Yes, many people of all ages enjoy having an interesting hobby to occupy some of their free time.  Some of you naturally plan a hobby that can be relaxing.  Others of us need a little push to find a hobby when we’re not at work.

Hobbies can be anything that you find interesting and fun.  They can vary in price and intensity.  You could spend a ton of money on a hobby like sailing.  Or, you could find a hobby that is completely free.  Don’t let the lack of funds deter you from learning and finding pleasure in a hobby.

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The good thing about hobbies is that there is something for everyone.  Many hobbies have been around from antiquity and others are fairly new.  I’ve created a list of free and frugal hobbies that might peak your interest.

  • Playing games – Play alone or with friends.  Board games you already own or swap with friends.  Check on craigslist for free games.  Play card games you own or free ones on your phone.  
  • Sports or exercise – If you enjoy sports, get together with friends and play tennis or frisbee golf.  Take a walk at a nearby park or join a running club.  
  • Gardening – Join a group that swaps cuttings from their garden.  Getting your hands dirty is fun.
  • Bird watching – you don’t have to use binoculars to enjoy watching birds.  Sit near a pond or just watch out the window.
  • Reading – Get a library card and read whatever you enjoy (paper or digital).  Are you a history buff?  Do you love mysteries?  Let the library bring you adventures with the newest best-seller or classics.
  • Cooking – I know, you have to cook everyday…because you have to eat.  But, you could try to learn a different way of cooking.  Trying French cuisine or Korean specialties won’t cost you anymore than your usual meals.  Find youtube videos to take you step-by-step for fun in the kitchen.
  • Explore – Visit new parks, museums, hiking spots, or nature areas.  Take your camera or sketch pad to record your findings.
  • Volunteer – Volunteering can be a hobby that is fun and helps others in your community.  Volunteering can be anything from working in a soup kitchen to petting animals or rocking babies to sleep.  Check out your local United Way or similar organization.
  •  Artistic hobbies – Many artsy hobbies will cost money, but if you use what you have it can be free.  Watch craigslist for any free materials.  Also, check your library for any free classes.  
  • Writing – Try your hand at poetry or begin writing the next great American novel.  

Do any of the hobbies listed have your interest?  Join the fun and get going with a hobby that will bring you smiles and at the same time, mental rest.  If you’re like me, you tend to turn everything into a job, complete with competitiveness.  But, to benefit from the purpose of a hobby, it’s important to remember that it’s all for fun.

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