12 Freebies For Your Baby

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Now that I’m a new grandmom, I’m always on the lookout for something cute for my grandchild.  Having a baby is so expensive, and everywhere you look you’ll see tons of new baby products to buy.

It’s totally unnecessary to purchase all the gadgets and fluff out there!  Just pick out the items that you know will be needed.  And, best of all, get as many free baby products as possible.


Places to get Free Baby Stuff:


Once you are pregnant, you’ll be on the mailing list of all kinds of offers and freebies, too!  Discounts can save you many dollars on things you really need, such as: cribs, strollers, carseats and high chairs.  With the discounts through Amazon or Target, you can outfit the nursery for much less!

The most important things for baby is a place to sleep, clothes and diapers, and milk.  Mothers who breastfeed will have milk for baby without the bottles and formula.  Bottles and formula will be discussed with your doctor or nurse at the hospital.  Hospitals will probably send you home with samples.

Before the baby is born, it’s important to have bottles purchased and sterilized.  Baby blankets, burping cloths, socks and baby gowns are going to be used.  Babies can soil their clothes often, so moms will need plenty of changes.  Soft, cotton fabrics are perfect for baby’s sensitive skin.


Moms will need a supply of soft towels and washcloths.  Gentle shampoo, soap, and lotions are often used.  A small baby tub is very helpful for newborns.  It prevents all the slipping with baby being wet and slick.  

Choosing a crib or bassinet is up to the parent.  There are many choices and price points.  Complete the crib with sheets, mattress pad, and bumper pad.  Colors and prints are available for every taste and style.  Moms can get very creative in planning their nursery.

It’s good that parents have 9 months to get ready, because it certainly takes time.  

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  1. This is awesome!! Babies are very precious but expensive! I know I’ve had four and one recently! Thank you for sharing these much needed freebies!


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