Low Cost Super Bowl Party For Two

I love football!  With the Super Bowl coming, my mind turns to food.  Watching the big game isn’t fun without lots of super snacks.


Now that we’re in our ’empty nest’, spending all day to fix a huge spread would be a waste.  So, we’re just going to be watching in peace.  It’s my favorite way to watch the game.  Not wanting to spend a big budget on food, I’ve planned our Super Snacks to be Super Cheap!

My menu is one that will make super left-overs, too.  Making lots of dips won’t be good for 2 people, because it will end up being wasted.  But, this menu will certainly be finished over the next few days.

Super Bowl Menu:

Crock-pot Chili

Veggie Tray

Gluten-Free Football Brownies


Our Crock-Pot Chili is Super Easy!  After browning the beef, I can dump all the ingredients in the Slow Cooker in the morning.  It will be perfectly ready to serve by game-time.  With a little grated cheddar cheese, the chili will be delicious.

Veggie trays can be expensive and wasteful.  But, I’ll just be slicing up some carrots and celery from the fridge.  Pouring a little ranch dressing on the side, will make a scrumptious dip.  And, no waste!

My husband goes crazy over peanuts, and loves to eat them when we go out to certain steak houses.  Having peanuts in the shell is one of his favorites, so I’ll toss them in a cute bag to enjoy.  What a fun way to celebrate!

Brownies are a delectable finger-food that we love.  I’ll be making a Gluten-free batch to appease my stomach, but any kind will do.  Make it easy by using a mix, if you like.  Icing them with your favorite chocolate frosting will make them so much more of a treat!  Adding decorations will create that Super Bowl theme, for sure.

We’ll wash it all down with some Diet Coke or coffee.   Maybe we’ll be extra frugal and just drink water.  Whatever you feast on, make it easy and frugal.

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