35 Tricks To Save On Everyday Purchases

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Saving money is more important than ever. In our lifetime, this is one of the hardest times for many people. Money is very tight for millions of families. In my quest to live a frugal and simple life during retirement, I’m always on the lookout for more tricks to save money. Let’s look at all of these helpful shopping tips.

35 Tricks to save

How To Save

  • If you don’t need it, don’t buy it.
  • Search through your own things and see if you have a substitute for something new. It’s easy to overlook an item that’s been put away.
  • Save up for a pricey purchase.
  • See if you can buy a used product, instead of new.
  • Sales aren’t helpful if you really don’t need the item.
  • Combine sale prices with extra coupons.
  • Use savings apps for automatic discounts or cash back.
  • Use online sites (Rakuten, Swagbucks and others) for cash back. Add the Chrome Extensions, so that you get pop-ups that show you how much you’ll save.
  • Have a plan.
  • Check your financial goals.
  • Barter or swap goods with someone or a group.
  • Look for freebies. Google Free and you’ll find tons of free stuff. My blog offers many free printables. Check out my shop.
  • Make a list. You can make a wish list or a list of features that you are looking for in a product.
  • Sometimes, shopping with cash will prevent you from paying too much with a credit card.
  • Compare prices. It’s easy to do this online.
  • Don’t buy something just because you’re tired of the pandemic.
  • Are you creative? Could you make the item yourself?
  • Shop local for unique items.
  • Negotiate for cars, antiques, and other things.
  • Check the return policy before you buy.
  • Use coupons.
  • Use promo codes.
  • Don’t forget sites like Slickdeals. They’ll find all the deals for you!
  • Don’t rush to make a purchase. Leave the store after the first visit to make sure you’re ready for a big purchase.
  • Don’t shop when you’re stressed or hungry.
  • Don’t shop for a major purchase during your little one’s nap time.
  • Be willing to buy a generic version.
  • Ask if they have a rewards program.
  • Check to see if there are any rebates.
  • Some companies allow one coupon code, where others may allow more.
  • Check out subscription rewards. You can often get discounts on things you buy regularly.
  • To get extra coupons online, register with a variety of emails.
  • Have you ever bought discounted gift cards? You can find them at Swagbucks, grocery store rewards (Kroger) and more. Use these to make a purchase for an automatic savings.
  • Sign up for newsletters to get emails when a store offers a new deal.
  • Never pay for shipping. Get free shipping codes, pick up in person, check Groupon, or wait for a free shipping code.
35 Tricks to Save on everyday Purchases

How To Save On Cell Phones

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Lisa Ehrman
Lisa Ehrman
Lisa has been blogging since 2013, and loves sharing resources and ideas for living a simple life. To get free printables, bonus words, and more - sign up for the newsletter.

About Lisa Ehrman

Lisa has been blogging since 2013, and loves sharing resources and ideas for living a simple life. To get free printables, bonus words, and more - sign up for the newsletter.
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40 Responses to 35 Tricks To Save On Everyday Purchases

  1. Jo D. says:

    It’s always great to find new ways to save a little here and there!

  2. monique s says:

    I love the deals and coupon sites. Great to find shipping discounts often

  3. AuntySuzany says:

    I love deals and coupons and free shipping!
    Thank you for sharing!

  4. Calvin says:

    Better value for money, saving goes a long way, especially in these times.

  5. Christa Sloan says:

    These are all great ideas. I especially related when you said sales aren’t helpful if you dont really need the item. LOL. Most people dont think about that. 🙂

  6. Debbie P says:

    Thanks for all of the great savings tricks!

  7. Dana Rodriguez says:

    These are fantastic tips! I know I have really been cutting back spending the last few months because of all that is going on. Thanks for the ideas!

  8. mistercmo says:

    Brilliant! I’ll definitely be trying to incorporate some of these.

  9. Brittany Gilley says:

    I’m going to try some of these, thanks for sharing

  10. Michael Coovert says:

    Awesome, awesome, awesome info. I am currently trying to save for some desperately needed dental implants so I am looking for any way possible to save money any way I can.

  11. Debbie Welchert says:

    What a lot of great and useful advice. There are a lot I already use but there are a lot that I haven’t used. Thanks for the advice.

  12. Deb Pelletier says:

    Thank you for the information, it helps.

  13. Deb Pelletier says:

    I copied the list so I will read it again before I shop. 🙂

  14. Michael Coovert says:

    Lots of good tips here, things that had really never come to mind before.

  15. Melissa Storms says:

    These are all solid rules to practice. I find right now that I just want to get in and out of stores and have not even been price comparing as I always have. Things are still the way they are and probably will be for a good while, I just need to adjust and use my coupons and apps.

  16. Minta Boggs says:

    I love good tips and I’m always trying to find ways to save money especially when grocery shopping but sometimes I just get so frustrated there are too many sites to go to so this helps me to check out before shopping.

  17. Megan Allen says:

    Thank you for sharing!

  18. Dorothy Boucher says:

    Thank you for this list here, SO many amazing ideas I didn’t even think to try here.

  19. Michael Coovert says:

    Great tips. I am trying g to save every penny possible these days and this has given me some great ideas.

  20. Sarah L says:

    My favorite for myself is to never go shopping without a list. AND STICK TO IT!.

  21. Leela says:

    I make my list once a week. I go through my online sales flyers, compare prices, add my coupons and shop!

  22. Lauryn R says:

    These are great tips! I always try to shop good deals, and I love coupons! The biggest thing for me though, is making a list and sticking to it!

  23. .Heather Swanson says:

    very clever ideas

  24. Edna Williams says:

    It’s great to save money! Thank you!

  25. Thomas Gibson says:

    Thank you for this helpful article. Living on a budget is essential to stay afloat these days.

  26. Piroska says:

    Thanks for the great tips! I love being frugal.

  27. Brittany Gilley says:

    these are such great tips!

  28. Terri Quick says:

    Thank you for sharing

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