A Homeowner’s Guide To Maintaining The Integrity Of Your Home

Lisa Ehrman

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2 Responses

  1. Sandy C. says:

    We live in a rental apartment, so these do not really apply to us. But I wish the landlord would take note of them! Especially the pipes! This building is over 60 years old, all with the original plumbing – and it shows. 3 times they have had to break through my kitchen wall to fix a leak – just a stopgap measure. The old plumbing was patched, not replaced or really repaired. Just a matter of time before it goes again!

  2. Sue E says:

    These are all valid points! Some of these points are what buyers would be asking about when you decide to sell! So if would be wise to keep these features in tip top shape. of course, there are more to consider when keeping your home healthy and in shape for years to come! Thank you for sharing!

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