Drink Hydrant And Save


Everywhere I turn, someone reminds me to stay hydrated.  Even though I know all the proof about drinking enough water and the health benefits, it’s still hard for me to drink all the water I need. Instead of carrying around a huge jug of water, there is now a better way to reach optimal hydration.  … Read more

12 Freebies For Your Baby


Disclosure: Affiliate links included. Now that I’m a new grandmom, I’m always on the lookout for something cute for my grandchild.  Having a baby is so expensive, and everywhere you look you’ll see tons of new baby products to buy. It’s totally unnecessary to purchase all the gadgets and fluff out there!  Just pick out the items … Read more

How To Read For Free


Disclosure: Affiliate links are included on some links.  Clicking on any of these links will not cost you anything, but helps to pay my medical bills. We all agree that reading does a body good.  We all want our children to love reading and books.  Sometimes the reading habit can get very expensive.  That’s why … Read more

Mom Checklist


Affiliate link included. What do Mom’s Need?  We need a lot of things. What do you need most? Mom Needs A Checklist: Easy Meals – Crock Pot cooking with simple, healthy ingredients will help Mom.  Saving time and energy, you’ll have meals ready to eat at dinnertime.  AllRecipes  My Favorites. Clean Home – Cleaning can be done by the entire … Read more

HealTop Feel Great Skin-Care


Disclosure: I was provided with the Moms over 45 Bundle for an honest review.  All opinions are 100% my own. I am not a doctor or medical expert, and make no medical claims.  If you have a medical need, please consult your personal physician. Women over 45 have changing skin-care needs.  Our skin may get … Read more