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8 Creative Approaches to Find Value In An Old Car

How long have you had your old car parked in the garage? While owning a vehicle is a symbol of freedom, adventure, and mobility, owning an old vehicle that you haven’t been able to sell could be the opposite.  Unfortunately, … Continue reading

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5 Things Every Parent of Teen Drivers Should Do

As a parent, reaching the driving age is a big milestone for your teenager. It indicates that your child is gradually becoming an adult and their chance to get a taste of the freedom that comes with it. However, it … Continue reading

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6 Toddler-Safety Improvements for Your Household

Pexels – CC0 License Welcoming children into your family is a wonderful thing, but it does take some adjustment to get used to. Don’t worry, because we’re certain you’re about to make a fantastic parent. If you’re about to become … Continue reading

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Advice For Parents Who Are Struggling

Parenting can be a tough role to be in at times. You likely have a lot on your plate and feel like there are always tasks to complete. What you don’t want to do is ignore how you feel and … Continue reading

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Beyond The Classroom: 9 Life Skills You Should Teach Your Kids

 Education can be an amazing thing – providing us with all of the knowledge we need for success in life. However, many essential life skills won’t be learned in school classrooms alone – as parents, it is our duty to … Continue reading

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Incorporating Essential Socializing Activities Into Homeschooling Programs

Homeschooling has gained popularity in recent years due to its numerous benefits for children. While it was always an option for parents, the pandemic has encouraged many families to try homeschooling. As such, many have fallen in love with the … Continue reading

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