Celebrate It! Grab Bag Early Bird Sale

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Celebrate It! Grab Bag Early Bird Sale

What is the Celebrate It! Grab Bag? This is a huge Grab Bag of Homeschool products that will make your homeschool day easier and more fun! Many of us who homeschool have created these helpful products to share with you. Over 40 of us contributed to this huge Grab Bag and there are over 70 items!

We call it Celebrate It! because we are offering themes of all types of holidays. You’ll find products to help celebrate and teach many great holidays during the year: Thanksgiving, Valentines Day, Easter, July 4, Christmas, St Patrick’s Day and more! You’ll love using these resources all throughout your Homeschool Year!

When my children were young and I was homeschooling them, I always looked for ways to celebrate all the holidays. I wanted these days to be filled with fun, but I still wanted my children to learn. I wanted them to learn what the holiday was about, the history of the holiday, and how it affects them. To accomplish this, I usually had to create my own unit study or activity. What a wonderful thing for homeschool moms this Grab Bag is: You’ll have so many resources that you can use with your children!

As you know, homeschool materials can be expensive! In the Celebrate It! Grab Bag there are many products at different prices. In fact, some of the items cost more than the total cost of the Grab Bag! Can you believe that we’re offering 74 Products for only $15.97? Why? We want to share with you these great products because we’re also homeschool moms and want you to get a great value!

The main sale dates will be January 01/04/2021 – 01/11/2021. On these dates you will be able to buy the Celebrate It! Grab Bag at a 97% savings off the retail price. But, today only, you can get the Celebrate It! Grab Bag for 98% off!

$789.36 Retail Price

Save 98% off

All you will pay today is: $15.97

Here are just a FEW of the titles in the Celebrate It! Grab Bag:

  • Christmas Countdown Advent Kit
  • Winter Holidays Symbols and Traditions
  • The Ultimate Fall Homeschool Printable Bundle
  • Math to Art – The Dream of Martin Luther King Jr
  • Women’s History Notebooking Set
  • Black History Coloring Book Level B
  • Magical Birthdays Collection
  • Easter-Themed Scripture & Hymn Art Set
  • St Patrick’s Day Fact Pack
  • History of Flags in America Coloring Book
  • Corn Maze Unit Study
  • Writing Prompts About the History of Canada
  • Cinco De Mayo Coloring Book Level B
  • Race To The Oval Office Board Game
  • Abraham Lincoln Copybook
  • Pearl Harbor Movie Study
  • Dr Seuss-Inspired Reading Fun Pack
  • Chinese New Year Online Unit Study
  • Reformation Day Activities
  • So many more!
Early Bird

If you have any questions at all, please leave me a comment or fill out the Contact Form. I’ll be happy to get the answer for you! I’m very proud to be a part of this terrific Grab Bag! Please take advantage of this 1-Day offer.

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