Make It Magical This Christmas

Disclosure: Magic Pass was received in order to review. All opinions are 100% my own.

If you remember, I recently shared with you how to get a FREE Magic Pass from Portable North Pole. I was so excited to share this fun and truly magical pass with my grandchild. He’s just getting to be old enough to love Santa.

Here’s what I found that I love: Personalized Videos, Calls , Nice List, Birthday Greetings, and more. Let’s look at each one.

Portable North Pole App

The Portable North Pole App can be easily downloaded onto your iPhone or Android. You can use the app to order a personalized video from Santa. While your child or grandchild watches the video, their reaction can be captured and saved on the app. This will make a priceless memory!

Santa will address your child by their first name and the video is beautifully created with cinematic quality. There are more than 60 different calls, video calls, and videos to use. You’ll find the ones that are perfectly suited to your youngster. Santa will refer to your child’s favorite theme and favorite thing.

You can schedule a call from Santa, too. This will really be magical for your child. I love all the ways that the experiences can be personalized. And, you’ll absolutely love the results.

On Christmas Eve your child can get a call from Santa to let them know that he’s on the way. The call can be personalized to address the entire family or just to the child. Won’t that be fun? And, you can also record their reaction on the app.


Magic Beyond Christmas

And, Santa doesn’t just call your child on Christmas. A personalized call from Santa and the elves can be scheduled for your child’s birthday, too! Can you imagine? Calls can be scheduled throughout the year to celebrate certain events or good behavior. A call can even come to congratulate your child for overcoming a huge challenge.

There are lots of games and activities on the mobile app:

  • Bedtime stories
  • Challenge the elves with your best dance moves!
  • Advent calendar with 24 videos

If this sounds great to you, check out the deal from Portable North Pole. For a limited time, you can get a Free Video Message from Santa! Just click HERE.

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13 thoughts on “Make It Magical This Christmas”

  1. I miss Christmas already! It seems to go by faster every year! We tried to make it as special and magical as possible! I wish I knew about this post before Christmas!
    I didn’t know santa could call on their birthday! This will be a great reminder through the year to continue to be good LOL. thank you!


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