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Have you heard of a dog food company that has a mission to nourish dogs with high quality foods that help “chip in” to reduce the carbon pawprint? The women-owned company is called Chippin. They use sustainable protein sources, source from small and medium farms, and it’s made in the USA.

chippin dog food

But, what I noticed first is that when I got the package of dog food out of the box my dog ran to it, sniffing like crazy. I opened the small pouch and he attacked the bowl. He ate it so quickly and this is not his usual way of reacting to food. The protein comes from humane grade cricket, spirulina and silver carp proteins.

There are 12 All-natural ingredients and 20 essential vitamins and minerals in the Natural Adult Dog Food. Veterinarians and PhD’s are directing the recipes and science behind each bag. They lab test each batch of ingredients and create a traceable, transparent supply chain. I feel good about these facts and that they are safe and healthy for my dog.

Chippin has 2 times the Omega 3’s and it’s hypoallergenic. Silver carp is a fish that is overpopulated in the US. There is no mercury in this wild caught fish. The food is oven baked in clusters and my dog loves it! I’ll be gradually adding it into his food so that he adjusts easily. My dog doesn’t have the strongest stomach when we change his food. Chippin also has a happiness guarantee, (just in case your dog wouldn’t like it). My dog is begging for more.

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