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Have you noticed how adding a plant to your living area can soften the space and add a pop of life?  We all love to bring the outdoors in, and by adding a plant or two to your living space, our space feels cozy and alive.

Museum Trees

When I was younger I tried adding artificial plants and trees to my home, but they didn’t look very real.  After a while, I would just throw them out, because they looked fake.  When I was offered a new silk plant to review, I thought it would be a wonderful idea!

My cabinet tops in the kitchen needed decorating, because we have such high ceilings.  A beautiful silk plant would be just the thing to bring color and life to the area.  The gracious sponsor at Museum Trees allowed me to select a plant that I would like.  I selected the Silk Plant Direct African Violet, Dieffenbachia, and Ivy.  The 20 x 26 x 15 arrangement arrived yesterday and when I opened the box, I was more than delighted.

silk arrangement

The life-like plant had gorgeous colors and design.  The container is an intricately “carved” treasure chest design.  The fresh silk decoration looks amazing and is easy to care for.  My home doesn’t get much natural light, and growing plants here isn’t a good choice.

This lovely silk arrangement would look good on any tabletop, coffee-table, dresser, or cabinet.  The only care needed is a damp cloth, when it gets dusty.  This plant from SilkPlantsDirect, is just one of many beautiful and realistic plants available.


The company offers wholesale and trade direct sales, too. You can apply on the SilkPlantsDirect website.  They sell flowers, plants, trees, topiary, palms, and outdoor plants.  The containers are also available for purchase with huge varieties of styles and price ranges.

Beautiful silk flowers, sprays, and picks can be purchased.  These are wonderful for creating your own arrangements, wreaths, or centerpieces.  SilkPlantDirect will also be a wonderful place to find wedding decorations.

Some plants are sold in groups called packs, which can help you get a lower cost.  The plant I selected can be purchased one at a time.  You’ll love looking at all the beautiful artificial plants at SilkPlantDirect and finding the perfect plants for your home.  They would also make much-appreciated gifts for the holidays.


Museum Trees is an amazing company that can create customs trees for any place.  Homes and businesses alike will be enhanced with the beauty and craftsmanship of their designers.  If you want the majesty and beauty of trees without having to grow them, check Museum Trees.

My readers have been offered the following code for all orders, other than custom, at SilkPlantDirect.  The code is: BLOGGER10, and will give you 10% off your order.  I hope you’ll take advantage of this discount during the holiday season.

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