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We all want beautiful skin.  Now that my skin is 55 years old, it needs some help.  There have been many changes to my skin in the last few years.  The color of my complexion is not as good.  My skin is more pale and there are age spots.   I also have wrinkles, mostly around the eyes and mouth.

Having a collagen disorder brings me many strange skin problems.  I have pores that are large and my facial hair follicles get clogged.  I also get lots of tiny milia, which is whiteheads that are deep and don’t come off easily.

These skin problems are some of the things I would like to see if I can get rid of.  The RejuvadermMD is a skin care product that I’m so happy to review.  Rejuvaderm MD is a microdermabrasion tool that can be used at home.  To get salon-quality results at home, the RejuvadermMD helps your skin to be brighter and smoother.  This sounds like just what I need.

Here are my Before Pictures: Beware, they’re my naked skin!  Embarrassing!

I was so excited to open my package from Trophy Skin.  The RejuvadermMD came in a beautiful package with shiny gold trim.  The treatment kit is packaged so well, and the box can be used for storage.  The User Guide gave me easy, step-by-step directions with pictures.  The steps to use this are very simple and I had no trouble.

I removed the tool from the kit and plugged in the unit, as directed.  I set the level on 1, which was recommended for the first time.  The diagram in the user guide showed me which parts of my face to start with and which direction to move the tool.  Then, I slowly applied the tool to my face and moved in a slow, steady motion from the center outwards.

The process was very easy and I could feel the suction working as it removed the debris from my face.  The Microdermabrasion from Trophy Skin removes the very top layer of skin to reveal new, softer skin below.  

After I went over all the facial areas, as directed, I turned off the RejuvadermMD.  I gently washed off my face with cold water.  Then, I applied an anti-aging cream.  My face felt really good!

I also tried the Infusion Tip to help the anti-aging cream work even better.  This was easy to do.  First, I removed the diamond tip and took out the filter, which was marked.  I placed the Infusion Tip in it’s place.  Then, I went over my face in the same motions.  My face was a little pink, but this vanished quickly.

The RejuvadermMD  can be used 1-4 times per week.  I’ll be using it 2 times per week, because my skin is extremely sensitive.  The User Guide will help you plan your treatments, based on your objectives and skin-type.

I love that there are multiple levels of strength.  This makes it work as hard as you want for your particular skin or body section.  It’s good to use on your neck, chest, hands, and legs.  I look forward to using it again in a few days. For this review, I’ll be using the product for 4-6 weeks and then showing you my before-after photos.  I’m excited to see the change in my skin.

I’m thrilled to offer my readers a wonderful surprise: a 15% Discount on any Trophy Skin product!  You’ll also be happy to know that they offer free-shipping to all US addresses.  The discount code is:


Check back soon to see my after photos!

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Dana Rodriguez · September 20, 2021 at 3:04 pm

This sounds like a great beauty tool! I need something like this.

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