Decorating Ideas Using Vintage Wallpaper

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I grew up in the 1960’s and 1970’s and remember well the decorating styles of the time period. The 1960’s style in my childhood home were pretty conservative for the time, but we did enjoy a few bold prints on our children bathroom walls. We had white tile below with bright hot pink flower power wallpaper that our family with three little girls loved!

I also remember going to friend’s homes and some of the vivid prints that were on their walls. Flower power styles were popular and so were some of the more muted prints. Kitchens had plenty of orange focused prints. Now, there are still ways to enjoy using some of these vintage wallpapers in our modern homes.

Accent walls: using a vintage wallpaper on only one wall could bring a lot of color and design to your room without overdoing it.

Subdued prints: not all prints from the 1960s -1970s wallpaper are bold and bright. Some of the wallpapers are muted in color, such as the tan or grey prints.

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Wallpaper in a closet: turning a closet into a tiny office space is a good way to add organization to your home. Covering the walls with vintage wallpaper can add color and drama to your new helpful addition.

Lining bookshelves or toy shelves: plain white shelving is often cheap and handy but it can look cheap and boring. Lining the back of the shelves brings such a fun way to decorate the space!

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Dining room: Dining rooms always seem to be the favorite room for wallpaper. Select a vintage pattern that fits your modern style.

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Art: Add a small wallpaper rectangle as a piece of art. This way you get the bold artwork without having an entire wall or room. Framing the wallpaper can look beautiful, too.

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4 thoughts on “Decorating Ideas Using Vintage Wallpaper”

  1. I love this! I remember the first house I lived in was wallpaper in every room! I didn’t like it then but now I miss the wallpaper. Great ideas!

  2. I remember when wallpaper was everywhere, in every room of every house! I actually like it now, but only on accent walls and in small amounts. It can really make a room!


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