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I’m thrilled to bring you the new launch of the Erin Condren Teacher Lesson Planner and Accessories! When these planners and accessories arrived I truly couldn’t believe my eyes! I never had anything so amazing to use when I was a homeschool teacher or a certified public school student teacher.

These products are of such high-quality that you’ll feel like you just got a raise when you use them. They have everything you’ll need to stay organized, plan lessons, and keep track of everything…..and you’ll actually enjoy using these items. The color choices, the great sturdy construction, and designs are simply perfect!

Let me show you what’s new. I know you’ll be as excited as I am!


Instead of starting with the basics, let me first show you some of the luxurious items. The zippered pouches are connected and can fold up to take up very little space or can be fully expanded (as shown). This Accordion Zipper Pouch is shown in the Blush Ombre color. It’s silky-soft and has beautiful gold zippers on each pouch. Keep all those little things safe and organized. You’ll also feel even more beautiful wearing the Love Is Golden Stackable Bracelet. It can even be worn as a necklace if you prefer.


This Clipfolio is an ingenious idea! It serves two great functions. Use the front as a clipboard. When you move the elastic closure, you’ll find the envelope enclosures to hold some loose paper or forms safely inside. This is a very sturdy clipboard/folio and you’ll use it for years to come. The teacher quote is cool, too.

be a Leader – be the Difference – be the Light – be a Teacher!

Teacher Record Book

The Rainbow Heart Coiled Teacher Record Book is really wonderful! The laminated cover is so cute with the heart shaped by colored pencils. It just makes me smile! It has my initials, and I really think it’s great that these can be personalized. Below you can see inside the Rainbow Heart where you’ll find some of the graphs for keeping student records.

Inside Teacher Record Book
Coiled Teacher Lesson Planner

Now, here is the big, bright, and beautiful Coiled Teacher Lesson Planner. This one has the Mid Century Circles Cover, but you can also purchase other interchangeable covers. You’ll love finding the one that suits your very own personality.

Close-Up Lesson Planner

Here’s a close-up of the corner of the Coiled Teacher Lesson Planner. The heavy paper is super quality and the laminated covers and page separators will impress you. You have nice big pages that give you plenty of room for writing!

Softbound Teacher Lesson Planner

Take a look at the Softbound Teacher Lesson Planner with Layers style cover. It’s sturdy, even though the cover is softer than the larger Teacher Lesson Planner above. I love the design and would make good use of either one. I absolutely love lesson planning (I really do!) You’ll be able to order a Teacher Lesson Planner Bundle in the Layers style and in the Mid Century Circles Style. It’s so much cuter to have matching sets, isn’t it?

Teacher Notepads

A teacher can never have too many note pads. These two on the left have specific uses: One is a Substitute Teacher form notepad. When you plan to be gone, you can have everything in one place to make it easy on the substitute teacher. The middle notepad is Note From The Teacher. It’s pre-made so that you can quickly jot down a note for a parent. Just tear off the note and send it home with the student. These are cute but also very professional. The third pad can be used in any way that suits your needs. Just clip it on to your Clipfolio and you’ll be ready for anything!

Stickers, Bookmarks, Pens

Accessories are always more fun if they’re cute and colorful! This group has lots of both! I love the set of 3 Bookmarks: Mid Century Circles. They are called the Mini Snap-In-Bookmark Trio and snap right in to your coiled planners. What a stylish way to save you time! The sticker book is called Too Cool For School, ED. 5. It’s a sticker book of amazing-quality stickers! Many of them have foil highlights. There are many different types….don’t you love the letters? Check out the Sticker Subscription!” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener sponsored nofollow”>Sticker Subscription if you love stickers! The Mid Century Circles “Snap-In-StylizedSticky Notes” are small and come in a variety of shapes. So adorable! The Dual-Tipped Colorful Markers will make your Lesson Planner, notes, etc. spunky and eye-catching. Chose whatever color suits your mood or color-code specific classes, etc.


This great big Deskpad is called Watercolor Apples. You get a calendar, a timeline, and plenty of room for notes and sketches. What more could you want? Get the elegant Gold-apple-topped ballpoint pen. It’s a gift for Erin Corden Insiders. (Did you join yet?) At the top of the picture is the Rainbow Heart Sticky Note Cube. This is a Gift with Purchase (while supplies last). What a sweet thought!

April 8 is the EC Insiders Day and April 9 is the day all these new planners and accessories are open to the public! Don’t miss out on learning more about them. And, if you know a teacher or homeschool mom, it would awesome if you would share this post with them. Thanks!

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Lisa Ehrman
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About Lisa Ehrman

Lisa has been blogging since 2013, and loves sharing resources and ideas for living a simple life. To get free printables, bonus words, and more - sign up for the newsletter.
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    These are awesome. I’ve used them before.

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    Love the design of these!

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