How To Share Your Love Story With Grandkids

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Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to share love with your grandchildren. And, what better way to do this than to tell them about your love story. Grandchildren typically think of their grandparents as they are now, and not thinking that they were once young.

When you tell them about your own love story, you help them to see you as a young person. Instead of them seeing the lady with wrinkles or health problems, they will learn of your vibrant, youthful self. When we want to leave a legacy of life with our grandchildren, we want to teach them about all of our life.

There are many fun and inexpensive ways to tell your love story. Valentine’s Day is a wonderful day to keep grandchildren at your home while the parents are out on a date. You could prepare a fun meal to serve them. It would be fun to mix up some sugar cookie dough and let them help make delicious and fun Valentine’s Day cookies.

You might want to prepare the cookies beforehand, and serve them after your meal. You could decorate them with the child’s name or picture/design that demonstrates something about the child. Children love a home made treat, especially if it’s personalized.

You could also create a custom card for each child. Make a card that is sentimental or just silly. You can find tons of ideas for making cards on Pinterest or just googling the word Valentines card.

Creating Cookies

Creating a mini scrapbook is an easy way to share your story with them. This gives them a keepsake from you that they’ll always remember. These printable Scrapbook Pages are made for you to add pictures and words to express your love.

You can make the cover any way that you like. One good idea is to make copies of some of your pictures to attach to the scrapbook. Do you have pictures of your dating or engagement? A wedding picture is always appropriate. You can write down the story of your courtship in a way that the grandkids can understand.

However you decide to share your love story, I’m sure that the grandchildren will love it. Telling stories to kids and grandkids is the best way to teach them lessons that they’ll never forget.

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Lisa Ehrman
Lisa Ehrman
Lisa has been blogging since 2013, and loves sharing resources and ideas for living a simple life. To get free printables, bonus words, and more - sign up for the newsletter.

About Lisa Ehrman

Lisa has been blogging since 2013, and loves sharing resources and ideas for living a simple life. To get free printables, bonus words, and more - sign up for the newsletter.
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12 Responses to How To Share Your Love Story With Grandkids

  1. Joanne says:

    I wish I had asked my grandparents about their love stories before they had passed away. This is such a great idea. Sadly, I’m not even sure I’ve shared our love story with my boys!

  2. Sandy Klocinski says:

    I never knew my paternal grandparents. They both died before I was born. I did know my maternal grandparents but they died when I was in high school and I never really got to know much about their earlier life

    • Lisa Ehrman says:

      We have so much to gain from knowing them. I’m sorry you didn’t have much time with your grandparents. I was blessed to have all 4 of mine in my life until my first child was born.

  3. Calvin says:

    Nothing quite like an engaging story, definitely share the joy of story telling. Hope it goes on the next generation.

  4. Deb Pelletier says:

    I wish my grand parents had done this. 🙂

  5. Tamra Phelps says:

    What a neat idea. I think most kids would enjoy hearing about how their grandparents met.

  6. Piroska says:

    I love the idea of a mini scrapbook. I’ve shared my love story with my eldest grandchild (she’s 8), and I’ve shown her photos of Grandpa and I, in the early days. She is amazed at how young we were! :LOL.

  7. MICHAEL A LAW says:

    Great info. Thanks for sharing.

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