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Do you homeschool? If you are teaching high school or are planning to in the future, I’m sure that you may want to learn all you can. Many of us who are veteran homeschool moms have learned many lessons along the way and we would like to share those with you. Over the decades, we have learned so much by trial and error. We hope to spare you any mistakes by laying out the best things we’ve learned.

Today, I’m happy to share with you a totally FREE 71-page ebook that contains many articles written by those of us who would love to mentor you in your homeschooling journey. I wrote one of these articles and I hope that it will be a blessing to you. To get the ebook for free, just click on the link below.

Homeschooling Middle and High School eBook

One thing I looked forward to every year was the inspirational experience of going to a homeschool convention. After the first convention I attended (HEAV), I was hooked. The encouragement was unbelievable. I loved hearing all of the speakers and learning about all the curriculum choices. I spent every minute I could browsing the curriculum fair and used book sales. I always came away with a renewed focus on my calling. Below you’ll find some lists of conventions across the US. If you want to share your favorite convention, please leave it in the comments.

children beach

Homeschool Conferences

Great Homeschool Conferences

SEA Secular Conferences

Here are some of my recent posts that can help you and your homeschool family. Homeschool life was the. best. thing. we ever did as parents. Although there were some ups and downs in our two decades of homeschooling, I would do it again. I know that it was the right thing for us and I love mentoring young families. If you ever have any questions, please feel free to ask.

Homeschooling in 2021

How To Homeschool and Work at Home

Homeschool Tips

Homeschooling: Is It Worth It?


Summer is coming and many of you have already started your summer homeschool break. I wrote a great little ebook that can help you to have a fantastic summer filled with fun and unstructured learning, too.

Grab these free printables that are fun for children to use when the family is traveling. They’ll enjoy having a fun Summer Journey journal to help them remember their trip.

I love linking up with other inspiring homeschool events, blogs, and speakers. If you want to be featured here at The Frugal Grandmom, let me know.

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