Put an End to Bad Brushing with Disclosing Tablets

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Even if we have our teeth professionally cleaned twice a year, plaque continues to form on our teeth. Plaque isn’t something that you can see right away. But the dental hygienist can certainly see it and will scrape our teeth until they remove this tooth-damaging film. Disclosing tablets enable us to see where the plaque is building up. This makes it easier for us to brush more effectively and prevent tooth decay.

What are Disclosing Tablets and Why do we need them?

These chewable tablets are usually made up of vegetable dyes, and come in colors such as red or blue. The tablets I received are purple. When children or adults chew these tablets, the teeth are temporarily stained a bright color. This helps us to see where the plaque is building up. These plaque spots make it easy for them to see where they may have been missing good dental care. It usually is at the base of the tooth or in between teeth.

How Have I Used Them & How Will I Use Them In the Future?

These areas are usually harder to reach. We can reach these areas with longer brushing and flossing. Over time, the use of plaque disclosing tablets can lead to cleaner teeth due to the helpful knowledge that the tablets can remind us of our need to brush and floss better.

Using the Smile Brilliant teeth cleaners, I’ve been reminded about the areas where I need to spend more time on dental care. I’ve used these tablets and plan to continue chewing them up. These are very easy to use and have the instructions (with pictures) right on the box. Ingredients are also listed. All I had to do was to chew the tablet and swish this around in my mouth. Looking in the mirror, it was easy to see where the stain

I plan to continue using disclosing tablets to help rid my teeth of plaque that can cause cavities. If you want to try these for yourself and/or your children, you can save 25% on your purchase. Just click HERE and use the Code: usfg25

This is and easy and frugal way to try plaque disclosing tablets for yourself to see how they can benefit you!

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  1. I remember having these similar tablets when I was a kid! I found it both fascinating and gross to see. It really does help kids brush better though! I need to get some for my kids.

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