Why Raw Food Can Boost Your Dog’s Health

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What type of food do you offer your dog? Our furry family members are so important to us and we do our best to take good care of them. To keep them healthy, we look for great ways to boost their coats, teeth, and digestion.

When we think of human food, we wouldn’t want to just eat dry cereal every meal. But that’s often the only food our dog’s are offered.

You may ask, “What is a raw food diet?” TruDog is a company that was created to provide a raw food diet or diet boosting products that are healthy, safe, and have the best quality ingredients.

Their goal is provide natural food that is in the closest state to what dogs would have eaten before they were domesticated. They use USDA certified beef, high quality, humanely sourced chicken, turkey, and duck, and sustainably produced fish.

Let’s look at some the benefits that raw dog food can give your special pet.

There appears to be no requirement for carbohydrate [in dogs] provided enough protein is given.

National Research Council (NRC) 2006

Increased Energy

Dogs are carnivores and need protein. A raw food diet is a carnivore diet. Eating meat is the natural nutrition that dogs need. The result that dog owners have seen in their pets is that they will have increased energy. Dog behavior experts have noticed better behavior among dogs who are fed a raw diet. Part of the reason for this is that dry dog food is filled with carbohydrates that can cause a spike in blood sugar. Just as this would affect human behavior it also affects animal behavior.

Because fluctuating insulin levels is unhealthy, dogs who are fed a high amount of dry food can be more prone to developing health problems, such as diabetes and arthritis. No one wants their dog to develop a chronic disease. Dry dog food often has chemicals that are unhealthy and lack adequate vitamins, such as Vitamins B and E.

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Better Digestion and Ideal Weight

A raw food diet is easier for dogs to digest. Dry dog food has more salt than is needed and can be hard on the dog’s kidneys so some dry dog food companies will make low-sodium food. Higher salt food will cause dogs to drink more, make more urine, and make it harder to train them. Dry, processed-food is harder to digest and leads to more feces with worse odor. Raw diets lead to better smelling waste.

A raw diet is biologically appropriate and can help with a dog’s metabolism. This can help a dog reach their ideal weight, even though feeding them too much of anything can cause a dog to gain weight. Because they may have more energy, the dog will feel like running and playing.

Better Appearance

This is the number one cited benefit of raw food diets for dogs. Owners talk about how the coat of their dog becomes healthy and shinier. Dry food has a lack of absorbable zinc and fresh fats, which are found in a raw diet. Protein is necessary and 30% of a dog’s ingested protein is used to maintain the skin. Raw food diets provide the protein needed for healthy skin and good muscle tone.

A dog’s dental health is important and it’s not just to improve the appearance of their teeth. Teeth and gums need to experience the cutting, tearing, and crunching of meat and bones to stay healthy. Eating raw food and bones can make the breath fresher, too.

Longer Life Span

Who doesn’t want their dog to live longer? My dog, Archie, is loved and I want him to live a long life. My life is enhanced in so many ways by having him in my home. A study showed that dogs who eat a raw diet could have a three-year increase in longevity.

My dog really loves the TruDog Boost, which is a freeze-dried meat topper. I only had to add the topper to his regular dog food and he went crazy over it. He begged for more and I gladly gave him more.

They offer freeze-dried raw dog food, superfood, toppers, and protein packs. You can select: Freeze-dried raw treats, Jerky treats, Chews and bully sticks, and treat packs. Supplements can help your dog, too.

TruDog sells Hip & Joint Care, Calming & Anti-Anxiety, and Complete Omega. Dental products and accessories can be found at TruDog.

Raw Without the Thaw is the motto at TruDog! No mess, no need for refrigeration, just easy-to-feed, raw, freeze-dried or gently dehydrated dog food and toppers. PLUS, the offer a wide variety of limited ingredient—often times only one ingredient – treats!

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About Lisa Ehrman

Lisa has been blogging since 2013, and loves sharing resources and ideas for living a simple life. To get free printables, bonus words, and more - sign up for the newsletter.
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  1. Donna says:

    It sounds like TruDog has great products. I would love to get some of their toppers and treats for my dogs.

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