How To Stage Your Home On The Cheap

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As we prepare to move, there are so many things to be done.  Packing and moving are a huge job.  But, before we move, we have to sell our home. For many years, I’ve heard that it’s beneficial to stage your home.  Staging the home can help the home to sell faster.  It makes sense that the potential buyer will want to see your home at its best. 

As people stroll through your home, they don’t want to see pictures of your family or souvenirs of family trips or events.  They want to envision how their furniture will fit in this new place.  So, it’s good to think of your home in a different way. Many times people will employ a professional stager and pay for their services and renting new furniture.  But, that’s too expensive for me.  So, my goal has been to stage my home without spending much money.

The first thing I’ve done to stage my home is to declutter it.  Boy, do we have a lot of clutter!  The first thing I did was to go methodically through every drawer, closet, and room.  I had three piles: pack up, give away, and throw away.  I packed up clothes and items that I wouldn’t need for a few months.  This included winter items, clothes that didn’t fit, extra sheets, towels, and more.  We also packed up things in the garage and attic.  We rented a storage unit and took all of these boxes there.  Not only was our house less cluttered, but half of our packing was finished!

Then, each drawer, closet, and room had to get organized.  Buyers will be opening drawers and closets, so they need to be orderly.  If things are just thrown around, it looks like your house is too small to hold everything.  You want buyers to have a positive impression of everything, even your bathroom drawers.  It takes extra time, but it’s worth it.  Many times you’re having buyers compare your house to one that’s similar.  Everything you do to stage well, will make your house show up better than others.

After all the clutter is gone and things are orderly, then you need to do a thorough cleaning.  Clean from the top down.  Dust the ceiling for cobwebs, dust the ceiling fans, and then everything below.  Shine up light fixtures, polish the stainless steel, clean all the mirrors and windows, too.  Clean inside and outside as if you’re getting ready for a white-glove inspection.  Outside, it’s good to power-wash the exterior and make any repairs.  Fresh plants and mulch will make a perfect first impression.  Adding a new welcome mat will be a great finish to the outdoors. 

After everything is clean, it’s time to arrange the furniture in a way that is appealing.  Place den furniture away from the walls and have plenty of good lighting.  On the day of showings it is good to have the house smelling extra nice.  Instead of heavy sprays, try sitting out fresh bread or pie.  If you can have a couple of vases of cut flowers placed strategically, too.  Even a few daffodils or cheap carnations add such a beautiful and fragrant finishing touch!

Apple Pie

These staging methods don’t cost much, but do take many hours of hard work.  Selling a home is hard work, but preparing the home in advance is worth all the work and time.  If you want to sell your home quickly and for the best price, staging is the key.

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Lisa Ehrman
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About Lisa Ehrman

Lisa has been blogging since 2013, and loves sharing resources and ideas for living a simple life. To get free printables, bonus words, and more - sign up for the newsletter.
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  1. Calvin says:

    Great to learn more about home staging!

  2. Megan Allen says:

    You are always so helpful!! My problem is I am a hoarder so we tend to have a little clutter lol!

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