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I came across this website called Monkey Business Design and I just had to get my hands on some of these amazing gifts mostly used for cookware and such. What you see in the picture above is what I chose to review. I was sent the following:

All these gadgets are very nice and pleasant to use. I had quite a few favorite for sure. 

For starters these Elastic Bands are so amazing they are stretchy and perfect for any type of product you want to use so your food doesn’t go stale or simply just having them bundle up and hold tightly secure. I personally use them for bag of chips or if you don’t want a big box of cereal you can take it out of the box and wrap the elastic band around a bag of cereal something that is easy and not adding a lot of stress to your everyday life. They come with 6 in a package. I highly recommend them. It saves you a lot of money because I hate when chips go stale. (if someone doesn’t know how to close the bag afterwards, lol).


My second favorite is the Silicone Grips these are very handy and I just love the idea that I don’t have to use a washcloth or kitchen towel to take out my pans now. what a relief. ☺This is by far the best kitchen gadget I have own. It works wanders and it’s very convenient for those cooking moms out there. Also can I mention how cute they are designed like pasta! 


I don’t know about you but these pot grips are a life saver as well. My mom has about 1 or 2 pots that if you boil the water and let the pasta cook or whatever it is that she or me have been cooking the handles of the pot get really really hot and I have to use a wet washcloth no lie and it’s highly annoying, so I am glad I was able to incorporate these onto the handles itself and they snug on there and it’s easy to maneuver and drain the water without burning your fingers. I highly recommend them as well. Also they are cute pasta designs. I love the designs it’s so adorable.


I have to say after looking at the website I found this cute little guy. This reusable air purifier that I just had to get my hands on, and put in our fridge. You see my family we have two potbelly pigs and my mom makes a batch full of food in a big bowl and so it is just sitting there chilling in the fridge which by the way you can see it in the above picture. It’s big and it’s silver. You see it? Well anyways there is quite an odor because she mixes everything and anything into it like rice, beans, apples, cereal, carrots, mixed veggies, you name it it’s in there and it can be quite disgusting and have an odor smell not over powering but just use your imagination. 

It’s quite an easy gadget you fill the penguin container with baking soda and place it in your fridge it’s small and doesn’t take up much room and it will absorb unwanted smells, and this has been a life changer because I don’t smell the pig food anymore. It’s a win, win!


Last but not least we have the amazing efficient Pasta Spoon that makes life more simple. One of the reasons why I hate cooking pasta because we never have a more reliable pasta spoon, but now I do and I can’t wait to use it. We haven’t used this yet. No one has made pasta yet, but I can tell you I won’t be disappointed. ☺

I feel like I need to get a few more of my favorite kitchen gadgets they would make the best house warming gifts for new home owners. I think all the kitchen gadgets on Monkey Business would be a great catch for everyone. They have Living Gadgets as well but for me I loved the Kitchen Gadgets overall the best and I can’t wait to share with my friends and family and most importantly with my fans/readers.

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— Tara Christine — Tara Christine — Tara Christine

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Lisa Ehrman
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About Lisa Ehrman

Lisa has been blogging since 2013, and loves sharing resources and ideas for living a simple life. To get free printables, bonus words, and more - sign up for the newsletter.
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  1. Sandy C. says:

    I give it to my brother, he’s a real “foodie” and pasta is his favorite! The garlic peeler is my fav item of the box, always needed.

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